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IRC + Threads make better communications - Pizzatimes.org

February 8 2012

Last week, I released Pizzatimes.org, a message board service. You might think that another reddit clone is reinvented. Let me explain how differerent it is from traditional structures and why it encourages better communications.


In IRC, conversations just flow. very simple. We can communicate lightly, but conversations are hardly grasped after a few hours, because they are not structured.


Thread model is also simple and is used widely by Google Groups, Reddit and many other forums. In order to discuss specific topic, this structure is very obvious for everyone. I think, however, there are some problems in this model. Firstly, we must create a thread to start communication. Sometimes, I want to ask a tiny things which I would hesitate to create a new thread to talk about. Secondly, as a thread grow it tends to mix various subtopics which are slightly related to main topic. Then it is not easy to grasp conversations.


Pizzatimes combines the advantages of IRC and Threads. When you open a community, there are a place to talk instantly and a list of threads. It is interesting to note that every threads have the same structure. So threads can be nested wherever you want.

Pizzatimes is still very alpha and I appreciate your feedback.

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